Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery

Our future lies in regenerative treatments

Joint rejuvenation is a modern preventive and therapeutic approach using a number of effective regenerative treatments and surgical procedures. After clinical and radiologic assessment, Dr Damian Zaborowski, consultant orthopaedist will offer you an individually-tailored program of joint disease prevention and treatment.

Regenerative treatments stimulate the body to repair, replace, restore and regenerate defective tissue by combining safe, well-established technology with the natural potential of autologous (own) human cells.

It should be noted, though, that in many orthopaedic conditions and injuries, regenerative treatment will be just a part of a wider treatment program, so it is worth checking the facts about any treatment you are offered.

We have high-end systems and technologies including a wide range of treatments from Viscosupplementation using dedicated hyaluronic acid formula in an intraarticular injection, through Angel system (computer-based cell separator for obtaining platelet rich plasma, a concentrate of blood platelets and growth factors essential for therapeutic effect) and Orthokine which interferes directly with the source of inflammation, to Cytori – proprietary technology of harvesting stem and regenerative cells from adipose tissue. Stem cells significantly accelerate regeneration of damaged structure and can even rejuvenate them. Cytori is a unique, clinically tested and proven treatment. It is a proprietary, safe technology of harvesting stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue using enzymatic method in a Celution 800/CRS device, which – until recently – had only been available in R&D centres in Poland.

Joint rejuvenation also involves surgery performed by an experienced orthopaedic surgeon with the knowledge of modern surgical technologies.

Our goal is to disseminate knowledge about proper joint care so that you can enjoy your mobility without pain for years. Using modern regenerative treatments warrants good physical shape until advanced age. Our future lies in regenerative treatments, the modern transfer to comfortable pain-free life.

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