Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery

I have great news!

Great people die leaving us with a felling of emptiness and grief. Lately, we said goodbye to a great man, Master Andrzej Wajda. Earlier this year, in May, as she ususally used to, Maria Czubaszek discreetly disappeared. But I have great news! These masters’ works of art bring them back to us! Last weekend, we kept entertaining the audience of the ‘Teatr Zdrojowy’ (the Zdrojowy theatre) in Polanica Zdrój as part of ‘Cały Kazio’ Festival of Maria Czubaszek.

For the whole time we knew that she not only kept looking at us from the poster but she was also smiling and shaking a finger at us saying ‘no bombast’! Marysia used to hate pomposity. Thanks to the following artists, there was a lot of happiness and laughter instead of splendour: Hrabi and Jurki cabarets, Renata Przemyk, Natalia Grosiak, Skubas, Zbigniew Wodecki, Wojciech Karolak and his trio, Hirek Wrona (cultural manager of the Festival) and me, the modest host. Once I could be seen as a writer, talking about my book ‘Opowieści radiowe i telewizyjne. Alicja po drugiej stronie lustra’ (‘The Television and Radio Stories. Alice, Through the Looking Glass.’) in which I write a lot about Marysia Czubaczek, my dear friend and collegue. To add a little bit of piquancy, I have to mention that I participated in this undertaking four weeks after having my knee operated by doctor Damian Zaborowski, the master of orthopaedics. Would you guess?