Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery

How come you wouldn’t run

You don’t run? You don’t walk? You hate riding a bike? And you find three milion excuses why it is like that? I used to hate running as you do. I swear! I used to do everything not to start jogging. And then, out of nowhere, after a fifteen-year-long break, I found out that I can do it only for myself. Not for a medal nor a score. Not to race my neighbor. For myself.

As part of my healthy egoism and a moment of respite. And that’s where the beauty is. These moments when I hear my own breath and steps only. These moments when I can see seasons passing. Split seconds when I come up with the best ideas. My beginning was no different than any other person’s: looking like a couch potato and moaning that running wasn’t for me. I wrote about my experience here, in my book ‘I jak tu nie biegać?’ (‘How come you wouldn’t run?’) Maybe I will be able to convince you?