Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery

It is time to start the ski season

Snowboard and skiing are technical sports that involve a lot of joints and muscle groups.  Of course, the most important part that we should concentrate on are legs and lap belt muscles. In terms of the joint they affect, muscles can be put under three main categories: ankle joint, stifle joint, hip joint.  Additionally, you should pay particular attention to erector spinal muscles, abdominis muscles (rectus and oblique muscles), shoulder girdle muscles and arm muscles, i.e. triceps and biceps.

We should also take into consideration the fact that we often start workouts after months of inactivity. If we start now, we have got time to start with low intensity and gradually increase it.

In the initial phase of preparing, we don’t have to, and actually we shouldn’t work out every day; it is recommended to take a day off.  After some time, you can exercise every day but the workout should be diversified.  We should plan strength training., e.g on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Other days should be devoted to senso-motoric, equivalent exercises.  We should always remember to give our muscles at least one or two days to recover and rest.

Standing and doing sit-ups on one leg can improve balance. Popular aerobic exercises can, thus, improve overall condition of your body. It is worth running, swimming, or riding a bike. Horse riding will also improve your legs.  Proper exercises should strengthen leg muscles and lower parts of your back. The first workouts should last for about 20 minutes and their duration should be increased gradually. Before departing to contests and games, they should last for an hour.