Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery

The Dakar Rally has just started and now it’s already time to say goodbye…

Something that was a great adventure, challenge and considerable physical effort has come to an end. The Dakar Rally gave us a hard time. It was deffinitely the most challenging edition of those that I took part in. This time, it was boiling hot and bitterly cold alternately (especially in higher parts of the Andes). Foremost, however, it was wet and muddy. When we were en route from Bolivia for Argentina, we stuck in areas flooded by rainfalls. Because of mudslides, we felt as if Armeggedon swept through the village of Volcan, which was included in our race agenda.

I took us a long time to wash motorcycles so that their performance race numbers were clearly visible. My vehicles in Poland need washing as well. I can’t wait the season opening in spite of the vagaries of the weather.

You need to be a very responsible person to ride a motorcycle. It always involves risk, despite precautions taken. In case anything unfortunate happens to me en route, I would like to kindly ask people visiting www.odmladzaniestawow.pl website to treat me here and by professionals only. Will you help?