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There is no snow?!

Do you miss it as I do? You look through the window and … it’s gloomy, dreadfully and grey outside? I’m missing snow, and you? I am missing the snowflakes that I used to eat when I was a child (my son does that now), snow angels I used to make and snowballs that were put under my collar.   I composed this song because I missed winter and was excited to make new discoveries.  I have never thought of recording anything, even despite the fact that I used to sing in a choir when I was a child. Never say never! Iza Byra, thanks for the concept!

Title: It’s snowing.

Beata Sadowska (guest appearance), Iza Byra and Marcin Kleiber are appearing in the recording.

Text: Iza Byra, Wojciech Wójtowicz

Music: Iza Byra