Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery


Joint rejuvenation is a newly emerging trend in orthopaedics. The main theme is pain-free mobility.
The person behind the idea for the Joint Rejuvenation portal is Dr. Damian Zaborowski, orthopaedist and traumatology consultant. Based on his extensive clinical experience and contact with patients, this healthcare professional with genuine passion for medicine has noticed a need to summarise the knowledge of basic and modern joint regeneration treatments and orthopaedic conditions in one place in a manner comprehensible for a lay person. In order to achieve this, he has invited professionals with specialist knowledge and expertise, sportsmen and individuals, who appreciate healthy and active lifestyle.

The aim of the project is to present knowledge on prevention, regenerative treatments and surgical techniques used in orthopaedics in a patient-friendly manner.

Using interactive animations, modules or videos, you will understand the source of your pain or problem and access specialist knowledge on treatment options.

Combining physician’s knowledge and expertise with modern technologies and patent-protected medical devices ensures optimum treatment outcomes.

Our task is to help you choose the best individually-tailored treatment to meet your needs, based on research findings and clinical practice.

Our medical solutions are safe, innovative and effective.