Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery

Press releases

The ambassadors of the Joint Rejuvenation website

The ambassadors of the portal are people who value healthy lifestyle, physical activity and pay attention to their health condition. […]

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Full range of medical treatments

Joint rejuvenation involves also a full range of medical treatments that are to result in restoring functioning and use of […]

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What was the reason behind creating this website?

Damian Zborowski, orthopedic trauma specialist is the originator of the Joint Rejuvenation website. Enthusiast. He has a vocation to be […]

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Our future lies in regenerative treatments

Joint rejuvenation is a modern preventive and therapeutic approach using a number of effective regenerative treatments and surgical procedures. After […]

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Cytori – unique stem and regenerative cells

Stem cells are human cells able to differentiate to other types of cells and undergo a potentially unlimited number of […]

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