Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery

Damian Hospital

Damian Medical Centre was founded in 1994. It offers comprehensive medical care based on highest safety standards, modern technology and long-term clinical expertise.

Damian Medical Centre has been accredited by the Polish National Centre for Quality Assessment in Health Care (NCQA). The centre complies with all accreditation requirements in 89%, which (as of July 30, 2012) gave it the third highest position in Poland. Such accreditation ensures that healthcare services are delivered in line with the highest world medical and safety standards.

Damian Medical centre has received a number of other awards and certificates: – It has been included in the WHO Surgical Safety Map as a hospital participating in the pilot implementation of the Surgical Safety Checklist.

It has been awarded the certificate of a “Pain-free hospital” by the Polish Society for Pain Research and a number of accolades as a “Safe Hospital”.

As a key player on the Polish market of private healthcare centres for over 20 years, Damian Medical Centre has established its leading position, as a centre delivering individualised, patient-friendly, comprehensive medical care.

Our cooperation with Damian Hospital involves:

diagnostic management: specialist clinical assessment, laboratory tests, ultrasound, x-ray, computed tomography imaging

viscosupplementation, platelet rich plasma treatments following PRP harvesting using innovative technology,

stem cell treatments after stem cell harvesting using innovative technology, in order to accelerate the healing of damaged structures or regenerate them,

a wide range of surgical procedures including (but not limited to):

upper and lower extremity (arms and legs) trauma surgery, including open or closed reduction and bone fracture fixation using modern implants and surgical techniques

spinal decompression surgery: cervical, thoracic and lumbar decompression and fixation

arthroscopic knee, shoulder and ankle repair surgery, such as ACL and/or PCL repair, meniscal repair or graft,

posttraumatic repair surgery, such as pseudoarthrosis of the femur (thigh bone nonunion) or malunion repair (misaligned healed fracture repair),

deformity repair surgery within the lower extremity (foot and leg), such as genu varum (also called bow-leggedness, bandiness and bandy-leg), or hallux valgus (bunions),

total hip replacement, total and subtotal knee replacement surgery,

rehabilitation therapy, with physiotherapists helping patients after injuries or neurological conditions regain full mobility, improve postural stability and daily function.


We meet your health needs ensuring treatment efficacy and safety.

High standards, long-term expertise and modern equipment are there to exceed your expectations.

We emphasize patient education and building awareness based on individually-tailored prevention and treatment program.

We care of your joints to ensure your wellbeing, so that the only thing you have to care about until advanced age are your passions.

Our expertise ensures that surgery is performed only when really necessary, as the step required to restore proper joint function for you to return to your normal activities as soon as possible.

We have expertise in using modern surgical techniques and well-established joint implants/ prostheses.

We are innovative and effective, while maintaining the focus on details of your individually-tailored treatment program.

We combine clinical expertise with high-end medical technology.

We work together for your pain-free mobility.

Treatment program

The main theme is pain-free mobility.

We deliver this promise with appropriate diagnosis, experience, and tailored treatment. Its aim is to:

delay biological joint ageing,

respond to early degenerative joint lesions,

„prolong joint longevity” thus postponing replacement surgery,

resolve overuse injury,

treat minor injuries.

We achieve it by means of:

patient education,


regenerative treatment,

surgical treatment,

physiotherapy and wellness-based rejuvenation therapy.


Who is it for?

For those, who are self-aware, active and appreciate healthy lifestyle.

For individuals keen on sports – as prevention, regeneration or a part of injury treatment.

For individuals after injuries.

For those, who need surgery, in order to accelerate or improve recovery.

For individuals with work-related overuse injury.

For individuals with degenerative joint disease.

For individuals in need of further treatment after road accidents.

For the elderly, in order to improve quality of life and minimise pain.


What does the diagnostic management involve?

Depending on your needs, the diagnostic process will include 1-2 orthopaedic consultations.

1st consultation – diagnostic examination.

Medical history, clinical assessment, ultrasound scan (the same centre, the same day), x-ray (the same centre, the same day) – the reports are assessed by the orthopaedist on the same day.

If additional diagnostic procedures, such as MRI, CT, blood tests etc. are necessary, the reports will be discussed with you during the 2nd consultation.

2nd consultation – final diagnosis. Eligibility assessment for treatment/ surgery.

The final diagnosis is made based on test results.

You will be offered available treatment options, which match your needs:

– Regenerative Treatments and/or Surgery

You will be given resources (leaflets etc.), full information and knowledge of the recommended comprehensive treatment plan. Your consultant will ensure you have enough information and understand it, so as to choose optimum treatment. We educate and empower patients by ensuring their awareness and active participation.

During the second appointment, your consultant will discuss with you the recommended prevention or joint treatment program and potential follow up check-ups.

The task is to provide comprehensive medical care of your locomotor system. Our medical solutions are safe, innovative and effective.

We would like the joint rejuvenation philosophy to become embedded in a lifestyle of self-aware and active individuals and their orthopaedic treatment.