Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery


Enthesopathy is a disorder involving the attachment of a tendon or ligament to a bone, which can develop as a result of a long-term monotonous performance of the same movement patterns, e.g. typing, using a screwdriver etc., so it may equally affect a dentist, an orthopaedist or a car mechanic. Enthesopathy may cause calcifications within the tendon where it inserts in the bone, which develop due to microinjuries, that is, single fibres detaching from the bone with a minute bone fragment. Enthesopathy is a result of excessive stress and overuse.


localised pain radiating along the tendon and muscle, more severe with increased muscle tension, which decreases muscle strength


The diagnosis is confirmed with an ultrasound. In some cases, MRI may also be necessary.

The treatment is conservative and involves avoiding taking positions which cause pain, by e.g. following ergonomics in a workplace, controlled physical activity, regenerative treatments which significantly accelerate healing, comprehensive rehabilitation, physical therapy (cryotherapy, laser, ultrasounds).