Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery


What is Viscosupplementation?

Viscosupplementation involves using hyaluronic acid in a dedicated joint formulation, administered as an ultrasound-guided injection by the orthopaedist. Hyaluronic acid is the main component of articular (joint) cartilage matrix. Owing to its oily formulation, hyaluronic acid administered to the joint as an injection improves joint function and range of motion, by making the joint movements "smoother".

What are indications for Viscosupplementation?

- prevention of articular cartilage and joint disease
- combined treatment with platelet rich plasma in degenerative joint disease

What is the expected effect of Viscosupplementation?

- delayed joint ageing,
- improved joint function,
- protection of the synovial membrane in the joint,
- reduced joint pain

- How long does the effect last?

In chondromalacia (cartilage melting) and degenerative joint disease, the effect can be sustained for at least 6 months depending on disease severity.

Is Viscosupplementation painful?

Pain sensation depends on your individual sensitivity. The majority of patients do not find it painful. It involves administration of hyaluronic acid into the joint through the needle by the orthopaedist under local anaesthesia, so you will not feel pain.

What does after treatment care involve?

Avoid sports-related activity for a week following an injection.*
*Reduce your activity throughout the entire therapy duration (be it 3 injections to the knee at weekly intervals or 3 injections to the hip at 2-4-weekly intervals).

Will I feel any pain or discomfort after an injection?

An intraarticular injection (i.e. injection administered to the joint) may cause transient pain, oedema and/or exudate (fluid accumulation in tissues). The symptoms usually resolve within a few days.

What are contraindications to Viscosupplementation:

autoimmune diseases
deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
infection or severe arthritis
skin diseases and/or infectious diseases
pregnancy and breastfeeding

How often should preventive Viscosupplementation be used?

The frequency depends on the clinical status and the structure of the hyaluronate to be used; the general rule is to use it once a year.