Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery


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Strain is an injury of the muscle, tendon or a ligament, typically affecting the area where a muscle is adjacent to the tendon or a ligament. From the treatment perspective, it does not really matter whether a strain affects a tendon or a ligament; however, an experienced physician can determine the affected structure based on its anatomical location. Strain occurs as a result of a sudden increase of muscle tension due to injury or when performing a rapid movement if a muscle is worn after a long-term exercise. Insufficient warm-up and absence of stretching in your workout can also increase the chance of a strain.

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms involve: pain which increases when stretching the muscle or trying to move it, swelling and exudate (fluid accumulation under the skin).


painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs (topical – used on the skin, and oral), RICEMM, kinesio taping, physiotherapy (to relax, improve blood circulation, then gradually strengthen the muscle after immobilisation), cryotherapy, laser, phonophoresis.