Effective joint regeneration using regenerating treatments and surgery


Wound is impairment of tissue integrity or its damage by an external factor. Common types of wounds include: cuts, bruises, punctures, lacerations or bites.


Wash the skin around the wound with a disinfectant (alcohol, hydrogen peroxide), but remember not to put the disinfectant in the wound, as it will destroy the healthy cells and impair healing. The wound itself should be cleansed with a saline-soaked sterile swab.

If a wound dressing gets wet, add a new layer, but do not remove an old dressing.

Should there be a foreign body (an object) inside a wound, do not attempt to take it out by yourself, since by staying inside, it reduces bleeding (like a wine bottle cork). See the doctor and let them take it out.

If it is necessary, the doctor will put a primary suture on, which can be put on a fresh wound (i.e. within 12 hours following an injury), which is not at risk of infection. Physiologically, a wound should heal within 7-10 days.